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Season 2 Episode 20 “Going Solo”

This week on Radio Free Endor

We will be talking to Mark Newbold from Jedi News, about the Han Solo Movie Losing its Directors and getting a new one the next day and we also have a chat about the Late Great Carrie Fisher and just what has gone down at Rancho Obi Wan.

I’ll also wish to thank Snubby J and his homemade "PVC Pipe Instrument" called the RimbaTubes. For which we used in the making of our Intro … “you rock dude” and you can find a link to his you tube page below.

00:00 RFE “Going Solo” Intro

06:21 Welcomes and what we have been up to

08:55 Mark Newbold from Jedi News

64:55 let’s talk about films 4 Films that Switched Directors

71:54 End of the Show



Mark Newbold





Snubby J

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