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Episode 14 “Remembering Carrie Fisher”

This week on Radio Free Endor, celebrate the life of our Princess Carrie Fisher who passed away in December. Jason and Jonathan join us as well to give us there thoughts and memories of lady that will always be royalty to us.

Then the awesome Star Wars Artist Jason W.Christman re-joins us to see what he been up to and what’s he going to be doing this year.


00:00 RFE “Remembering Carrie Fisher” Intro

03:38 Welcomes

48:44 Memories of Carrie with Jason and Jonathan

64:00 new news

67:13 Mark Hamill and Jedi Prop Lightsaber Reunite in Pop Culture Quest

80:07 Pauls Star Wars track

83:56 Star Wars Artist Jason W.Christman

107:46 Han solo aka David W.Collins nips bye

109:010 End of the Show



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