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Episode 15 “Redcup”

This week on Radio Free Endor, Jamie and Paul discuss laserdisc’s and Jamie’s trip to Arcade Club to play his favourite 80’s arcade machine plus a roundup of the months news including news from the Han Solo spinoff movie and The Last Jedi.

We also have a great interview with Sandeep Mohan who played a storm trooper in the Force Awakens and Rogue One

Then we catch up With Josh Gad and his attempt to get the secrets of The Last Jedi from Daisy Ridley


00:00 RFE “REDCUP” Intro

02:47 Welcomes and what we have been to.

16:49 Trip to Arcade Club

21:00 The News so far

45:44 Stranger Things 2 superbowl 2017 advert

48:13 Interview with Sandeep Mohan

69:17 Josh Gad and the secrets of The Last Jedi from Daisy Ridley

78:48 End of the show

81:10 Blooper



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