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Rogue One Trailer Roundtable - s2e8 Radio Free Endor

Season 2 Episode 08 “Rogue One Trailer Roundtable”

This week on Radio Free Endor

With the new trailers dropping for Rogue One that meant one thing.. Its round table time, and to help us annualize them we got 2 of our favourite people, Jonathon Bell and Jason W.Chrisman

In addition, we find out who the lucky winners are to win an exclusive print from Jason

Also very sad news that star wars/time bandits actor Kenny Baker passed away


00:00 Rogue One Trailer / RFE Intro

02:28 Roundtable Time

46:54 Competition winners

51:44 Quick breakdown of the International Trailer

55:21 Remembering Beloved actor Kenny Baker who passed away

64:26 End of show

Kylo Ren Reacts to Rogue One Trailer


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