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This week on Radio Free Endor, Mark Newbold is a guest host this month and with the New trailer for Star Wars Resistance hitting the net, it reminds me of what the Borg from star trek kept saying, so it may sound like we have gone a bit Star Trek with this episode but don’t worry this is a star wars podcast and we do still talk the wars. Also in the show, we have the great Paul Bateman back for the second part of our interview. Plus with news and gossip, it’s never been a better time for fandom.



00:00RFE Intro “Borg Vs Tarkin”

02:38 Welcomes and hellos with Mark Newbold.

04:30 Star Trek talk.

19:43 Star Wars Resistance trailer review and the future.

28:39 Censorship, deleted tweets, sacking and fandom.

49:50 Leaked episode 9 spoilers’ photos. 

52:40 New Lego Betrayal at Cloud City set for release.

55:48 Episode 9 spoiler with an iconic villain to return.

58:20 Bringing back Luke alive.

61:06 Part 2 of the Paul Bateman Interview including new story lines.

114:34 End of the showwith Mark Newbold.

120:44 Bonus Bit, “Disney’s Resistance with a Twist”


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