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Season 2 Episode 16 “Spores, Moulds and Fungus”

This week on Radio Free Endor, its all hands on deck as the news comes thick and fast as Jamie and Paul discuss what’s going on in the world of Star Wars.

We also like to Thank Hayley Cox from DK Books who kindly supplied us with review copy of “Star Wars Year by Year”

Now with Star Wars Celebration Orlando nearly here we get Jason W Christman to chat about his new exclusive print “Bounty Hunters

In addition, this month’s music is by the awesome Captain of the Lost Waves

And his track “Another Planet”


00:00 RFE “Spores, Moulds and Fungus” Intro

06:06 Welcomes

08:10 DK Books “Star Wars Year by Year”

18:20 News

43:49 Interview with Jason W Christman and his SWCO Print

83:46 Captain of the Lost Waves and his track “Another Planet”

91:58 End of the Show




Captain of the Lost Waves On YouTube “Another Planet”

link to buy the album Hidden Gems Chapter 1


And you can see The Captian Live at The New Roots gig at

The New Headingley Club, Headingley, Leeds, April 28th,

Tickets here Headingley Tickets 28th April


Links for Jason W Christman


Tee shirts available at Tee Public







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