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Countdown to Celebration - s2e7 Radio Free Endor

Season 2 Episode 07 “Countdown to Celebration”

This week on Radio Free Endor

We have a special show with a completion from our good friend Jason W. Christman.


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Next David Collins, The man behind countless voices in over 25 games

In addition, a host of his own show The Comlink and the awesome star wars oxygen with Jimmy Mack and is the longest-running stage host in Celebration's history, joins us in the cargo hold for a chat about Star Wars Celebrations.


Jason W.Christman drops by to drop in his CV and stays for another chat.


00:00 Star Wars Celebrations intro

12:53 News roundup

31:15 David W. Collins Interview @DavidWCollins

69:49 Chat Jason W Christman   @JasonWChristman

89:50 BenofKent Props Shout out facebook@benofkentprops

90:56 End of show plus Cobb tells us about Loom


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