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Feb 23, 2018

Welcome to Episode 28 of Radio Free Endor

This Week Jamie and Paul talk about new star wars toys at the New York Toy Fair and try to breakdown the new Han Solo trailer.

Then we get all nostalgic with the music of the 80’s that was used in all of the trailers for Ready Player One.

So what are you waiting for and join us.



00:00 RFE Intro “Rick Solo”

02:26 Welcomes and hellos

14:28 News: books and toys

22:48 New York Toy Fair 2018

33:40 Solo Trailer Breakdown

45:25 Ready Player One Music Breakdown

70:13 End of the Show

73:46 Bonus Bit, “I like what you got… bloopers”


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Solo tailer Frame by Frame


Links For The Music of Ready Player One

Trailer SDCC Rush - Tom Sawyer

Pitch Hammer Music - Imagine This World) (Edit By Trailer Music Life


Trailer 2 Depeche Mode - World In My Eyes (Cicada Mix)

Jump By Van Halen


Trailer 3 "Ghostwriter - Pure Imagination" by Bryan Nguyen (feat. Merethe Soltvedt)


Other Links

Take On Me - aha / Inspired by the Ready Player One Trailer / VGH Synthetic Orchestra

Ready Player One Take On Me Remix Track See The Future By SirJediJamie


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