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Jul 17, 2014

Jonathan, Nic & Nicki discuss the upcoming series Star Wars Rebels.  





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Jul 12, 2014

On the latest episode of Radio Free Endor, they are joined by Nic from the Inner Dorkdom and The Clone Cast.  They discuss the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art as well as the ending of  We also discuss Andy Serkis and Kevin Smith, as well as the upcoming Phineas and Ferb star wars special.  There is even some...

Jul 1, 2014

In this Hammer-filled episode, Nic and Josh discuss three Star Wars topics. First, the Hammer itself: the decision by Lucasfilm to unify all Star Wars content going forward into one single canon, with the 6 films and The Clone Wars included, and the existing EU excluded (being rebranded as Legends). Second, Star Wars...