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Jun 8, 2021

 Episode 63

The Bad Batch Season 1 – Ep5 "Rampage"

Welcome to episode 60 of Radio Free Endor, and The Bad Batch Report where we catch up week by week with Clone Force 99 and there escape from the newly formed galactic empire.  Am Jamie you host and with me is my son Christopher.


Hoping to discover who hired Shand to retrieve Omega, the Bad Batch go to Ord Mantell where Echo knows of a Jedi informant named Cid. She offers to find out about Shand in exchange for their help: slavers have kidnapped a child named Muchi, and Cid will receive a reward from Jabba the Hutt if the Bad Batch help her rescue the child. The Bad Batch find and fight off the slavers, rescuing Muchi who is a young rancor. [a] Taking her to Cid, Muchi is then given to Jabba's right-hand man Bib Fortuna in exchange for the reward. Cid gives some of the reward to Hunter but is unable to learn who hired Shand. She offers to give the Bad Batch more mercenary work in the future

00:00 The Bad Batch Intro

01:38 Hellos and welcome

05:55 Star wars News

02:40 S1E5 "Rampage"

33:11 End of the show

35:00 Bonus Bit: Mortal Wrecker

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