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Sep 17, 2019

Yes, we are back after a long break and we are putting the hard drive crash behind us and moving on so this month we have Fantha Tracks very own Mark Newbold to talk about D23 and the new trailer for The Mandalorian and the news we are getting 2 new star wars tv shows including a Kenobi series and loads more but that's not it, we also take a call from my son Chris and girlfriend Holly on day one of Galaxy's Edges opening day.

wait there's more.. keep listening to the end as me and mark talk Star trek.

it's a bumper episode so get a drink and join us.


00:00 Intro

03:37  Welcomes and hellos.

04:53 D23 News with Fantha Tracks Mark Newbold

22:00 The Star Wars Hotel

39:20 Kenobi series reveal

54:40 K20 and Cassian Andor series

60:48 Rise of Skywaker one sheet and posters form back in the day

68:56 80's Horror film "House" and the poster

84:00 End of the Show

84:29 A call from Galaxy's Edge

91:03 Bonus Bit “Talking Trek"


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