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Oct 29, 2018

Welcome to episode 35 of Radio Free Endor on this Halloween night.

In addition, as it’s Halloween, there is no star wars news but we have a great Intro based on the film The Ritual. The Ewoks have gone off to party the night away around there own campfire and ours is burning bright and Jason W.Christman drops in for a chilling tale or two and we have a great interview with two real paranormal researchers, Caroline Mckendrick, and Marian Hill from the SPI UK Somerset Paranormal Investigators UK.

So the campfire is nice and hot, the droids are bringing the marshmallows and hot chocolate, so come closer, get comfy and don’t be scared and we will begin.



00:00 The Ritual of Endor intro


22:43 Welcome to the Campfire


23:30 My friend's Ghost story


25:29 Creepy tales with Jason


34:30 Interview with paranormal researchers, Caroline Mckendrick and Marian Hill


83:05 End of the show


84:40 Bonus Bit: Bloopers


If you want to have a say about anything Star Wars, an idea for an intro or the podcast even a ghost story for next year then drop us an email or record a voicemail on your phone or pc, it can be as long as you want to send them to us at


Caroline Mckendrick, Marian Hill from the SPI UK Somerset Paranormal Investigators UK

@rsouthgate  @cutnrun22





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The Ritual Paperback by Adam Nevill


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As a special note a big thank you to Rob Southgate, Jason W.Christman and Paul Stickley for helping me out on the intro as I could not have done it without them and a special thanks to the folks that made the amazing film The Ritual by Director David Bruckner and writer Joe Barton and Adam Nevill and the fantastic score by Ben Lovett.

And thank you to Caroline Mckendrick and Marian Hill and there team for coming on the show

Have a safe Halloween everyone and I’ll see you soon