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Dec 5, 2019

This month we are all over The Mandalorian that just started streaming on Disney plus

so to get the ball rolling am bring in Jason w Christman to pick apart the first 2 episodes of the very first live action star wars TV show but be warned if you have not seen it yet because you live in the Uk and you're not a pirate then may be skip the last hour of this podcast as there be spoilers ahead.

so sit back and set sale to the best TV show ever made with stranger things in a close second.


00:00  The RFE Intro: The Mandalorian come to town.

03:47  Welcomes, hellos and what we have been up to with Jason W.Christman

16:44  Jason and The Drunk Series and everthing else

34:35  The Mandalorian: Chapter On epsiode breakdown

67:40  The Mandalorian: The Child epsiode breakdown

73:45  The Mando brings his A-Teams

75:25  The Child epsiode breakdown cont.

90:50  End of the Show

94:12  Bonus Bit “Who loves you"


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