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This week on Radio Free Endor, we are off to the outskirts of Bright Tree Village to watch The Sixth Annual Forest World of Endor Cup and after, Paul talks all about his trip into VR on a roller-coaster at Alton Towers and with all the news and castings its starting to look like this podcast is ready to blow.

We also talk about the awesome news that The Clone Wars is coming back so who better to talk all about it then Fantha Tracks Mark Newbold and Paul Bateman,

who sticks around for a lengthy interview which is so long its in 2 Parts


also we have some sad news that co-host Paul is leaving the show to pastures anew

and we wish him well “Good Journey”


00:00 RFE intro “The Sixth Annual Forest World of Endor Cup

10:00 Welcomes and hellos with Jamie and Paul

18:34 News, Happy Birthday Mr Ford, 2018 Satan Awards

30:21 Billy D Williams casting and our exclusive out take form the Last Jedi

34:00 Rebel Force Radio needs your Support

40:09 #CloneWarsSaved with Mark Newbold and Paul Bateman

56:00 Part 1 of The Paul Bateman Interview

94:23 The Last End of the show with Paul and Jamie, So long Paul with

Jonathan Bell and Rob Southgate

102:04 Bonus “Good Journey”


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