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Dec 21, 2017

This week on Radio Free Endor, and as its December that means it’s our Christmas episode. So all aboard the Endor express make your selves comfy, the hot chocolate is on its way as we go to the cinema to see the last Jedi so be warned there is spoilers. And we also chat to Simon Wilkie on what’s it like to fill C3-PO’s boots


Thank you to all who have took time out to listen to our show for the last 2 years

So Merry Christmas to you all and we hope you all have a Happy New Year

Take care of each other

Jamie & Paul


00:00 RFE Christmas Intro “The Night Before an Endor Christmas”

09:04 Welcomes and hellos

12:33 Were off to see The Last Jedi

31:10 Star Wars News with spoilers about The Last Jedi

54:52 12 Deals of Christmas and Gold Dice

61:14 Making of the night before an endor Christmas

63:56 Music - Merry, Merry Christmas

66:23 Interview with Simon Wilkie

85:06 Music – Christmas in the Stars

89:05 End of the Show

96:51 Bonus Bit, Artoo beeps Jingle all the way


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