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Oct 26, 2017

Season 2 Episode 24 “EndorIT”


This week on Radio Free Endor its all gone spooky here, as its Halloween and that means ghost stories around the campfire.

Jamie and Paul only just made it away from Nickelwise the clown to sit around the campfire and discuss ghostly tales and pay to play loot creates in Star Wars Battlefront 2.

00:00 RFE Intro “EndorIT”

11:15 Welcome to the RFE Campfire with ghost stories.

36:53 What Great Halloween films do we like to see.

45:50 Get them Pumpkins out

48:30 Star Wars News with what The Last Jedi will make and the trailer

61:07 EA ripping us off with pay to play Loot creates in Star Wars Battlefront 2

            In addition, EA closing down Visceral Games.

71:20 Conventions and Dave Prowse last public signing

74:16 End of the Show with Music by Michelle Heafy & DonutDrums

77:14 Bonus Bit, Will Smith meets Shrek


Happy Halloween is almost here and we want your Ghost stories

If you want to have a say about anything Star Wars then drop us an email or record a voicemail on your phone or pc, it can be as long as you want but under five mins would be great and send them to us




The Towers Asylum in Leicester


Towers Asylum Ghost Hunts Leicester


Zombie Pumpkins Templates


Some Links to Videos on the Loot Create system on Star Wars Battlefront 2

Angry Joe Show


Pretty Good Gaming



For The Love Of Sci-Fi 2nd – 3rd of Dec 2017


Empire Day 16-12-17

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