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Oct 5, 2017

Season 2 Episode 23 “Hiring and Firing”


This week on Radio Free Endor

Jamie and Paul try to make it through this month’s news including the Hiring and Firing at Lucasfilm, Kids show from the 80’s “No.73”and pre-ordering Star Wars Battlefront 2 and stuff we like on youtube

00:00 RFE Intro with Hard of Hearing Darth Vader.

02:38 Welcomes and what we have been up to.

13:32 The Star Wars News

44:44 Adam the woo, Dan Bell, Defunctland and staying overnight in a Disney Park

49:30 Mini Book review of Star Wars The Visual Encyclopaedia from DK Books

52:20 Pre-Ordering Star Wars Battlefront 2

54:18 This is Star Wars Battlefront 2 preview “Star Wars” actor John Boyega

59:00 Music: Stranger Things Style for Star Wars

61:25 Music: The Force Theme The DJ AG Remix

64:34 Star Wars RebelsCast Returns Here on RFE

66:32 End of the Show

69:56 Bonus Bit Vader goes for a hearing test


Halloween is almost here and we want your Ghost stories

Your Ghost story can be as long as you want but under 10mins would be great Record them on your phone or pc and send them to us





Star Wars - The Force Theme (DJ AG Remix)


Stranger Things Style Intro - Star Wars


No. 73: Series 3: Show 4: TXN 28.5.83

Peter Mayhew, the actor behind Star Wars' Chewbacca visits No. 73

and competes in The Sandwich Quiz


This is Star Wars Battlefront 2

This is the *Star Wars* game you're looking for. This is Star Wars Battlefront II.


Pre-order now. Get early access to the beta with the Elite Trooper Deluxe Edition:


Walt Disney world overnight challenge at Disney Magic Kingdom


Brand New Tee shirts available at Tee Public






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