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Oct 31, 2019

Halloween is here and at the same time the Final Trailer for The Rise Of Skywalker hit the internet, so to get in on time I had to drop the usual horror intro but it will return. So we got Jonathan Bell to go over the trailer frame by frame, can we make a 3 min trailer last 60 mins ... yes lol.  Then we head over to the Endor Campfire to chat with the fine ladies of the SPI Uk, Caroline McKendrick and Marian Hill, and about things that go bump in the night so start carving your pumpkins and grab some candy and we shall start. Happy Halloween.


00:00 Intro Final Trailer for The Rise Of Skywalker

02:44 Welcomes and hellos.

03:24 News

05:27 Trailer Breakdown with Jonathan Bell

21:17 Bill & Teds Jedi Trail

23:27 Trailer Breakdown Continued

56:11 Haunting Ghosts with Caroline McKendrick and Marian Hill

105:24 End of the Show

107:00 Bonus Bit “Ghostheads uk podcast"


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