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May 11, 2021

Episode 59

The Bad Batch Season 1 - Ep2 ''Cut and Run"

Welcome to episode 59 of Radio Free Endor, and The Bad Batch Report where we catch up week by week with Clone Force 99 and there escape from the newly formed galactic empire. Am Jamie you host and with me is my son Christopher.

The Bad Batch and Omega arrive on Saleucami to meet with clone deserter Cut. Cut tells Hunter about the inhibitor chips, and about his plan to escape with his family now that military presence is increasing. The two discover that newly introduced chain codes are needed to book public transport, but know Cut will get arrested if he tries to get one. Tech and Echo manage to steal and forge some chain codes, and with Omega’s help, deliver them to Cut and his family in time for them to board the transport. Hunter attempts to send Omega with Cut as he thinks she needs a family, but she decides to stay with the Bad Batch.

00:00 The Bad Batch Intro

01:38 Hellos and welcome

06:25 Star wars News

16:48 S1E2 Cut and Run

37:45 Dee Bradley Baker Breaks Down Each Clone's Voice

44:02End of the show

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