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May 5, 2021

Welcome to episode 58 of Radio Free Endor, and May The 4th be with you, yes its star wars day and that means, if you got pockets full of cash then there’s a lot of merchandise out there for you. Disney plus has got you star wars needs covered with a special Simpsons episode and some pretty screensavers called biomes and vehicle flythrough. But the thing we want to talk about is The Bad Batch season premier , so let talk star wars day, am you host Jamie and with me is my son Christopher

00:00 The Bad Batch Intro

01:28 welcomes and hellos

02:17 May the 4th goodies

30:33 Biomes and flyhrough

40:05 The Simpsons star wars short

44:16 The Bad Batch: Aftermath

68:15 End of the show


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