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Oct 28, 2020

Episode 47 "Halloween 2020"

Welcome to episode 47 of Radio Free Endor, and its Halloween and we have a great episode for you. we take a look at the new trailer for Season 2 of The Mandalorian and also Mando Monday with the awesome new toys for us to collect. (if you have the money, that is) i know before you email me they're not toys their Collectors

And as its Halloween let's look back at our Halloween intro stories with Paul, Jason and Rob or as I like to call them.. The Nibbles Trilogy.

00:00  Welcome to Halloween 2020

01:53 Hellos and Welcomes

02:47 The Mandalorian season 2 Trailer

05:10 An American Werewolf in Endor: The Nibbles Trilogy part 1

11:57 Star Wars News

13:06 Mando Monday and his awesome toys

14:37 The Star Wars Show with Mando Mech

18:23 Mando Monday digital games updates

20:12 Haslab Razercrest

23:07 EndoIT: The Nibbles Trilogy part 2

33:54 The Ritual Of Endor: The Nibbles Trilogy part 3

56:52 Honest Trailers: The Mandalorian season 1

63:19 The End of the show

92:52 Bonus Bit: Honest Trailers Guy

take care my friends and Happy Halloween

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special Thanks to.. Paul, Jason and Rob


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