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Its Christmas time Yoda like his wine ... or bone broth lol

and by the time you have head this, it will be Christmas day and you are sitting in front of the TV stuffed from all the Christmas dinner and waiting for the Queens speech.

Now Because its Christmas, its means we have a star wars film to see, The Rise Of Skywalker had its world premiere and we have some great sound bites from that awesome evening on the blue carpet and by now you too should have see it now.

so what did you think of it? let me know.


00:00  The RFE Intro: Star Wars Christmas Parade by Auralnauts.

03:02 Hellos and Welcomes and what we want for Christmas

04:30 Star Wars world premiere, Frank Oz

06:50 Ian McDiarmid

08:55 Richard E Grant

10:37 Joonas Suotamo

12:53 Ahmad Best With Jedi Temple Challenge

17:18 A look back over the saga

20:20 Billy Dee Williams

22:32 JJ Abrams

24:28 Anthony Daniels and John Boyega

27:51 Mark Hamill

29:58 Oscar Isaac

33:10 Daisy Ridley

35:20 Off to the midnight showing of The Rise of Skywalker

45:40 The ride home so let's talk star wars with Nicholas burns Beware Spoilers

58:01 Star Wars Epic Xmas Medley - Carol of The Imperial Bells by samuelkimmusic

60:55 The End of the show

63:58 Bonus Bit: Dominic Monaghan on the Blue Carpet and a blooper


Have a Great Christmas and a Vary Happy New Year

All my love, Hopes and Dreams be with you.xx  Jamie


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special Thanks to.. Nicholas, Andy, Helen, Dave, Chris, Shaun and Steve.





Star Wars Christmas Parade by Auralnauts


Star Wars Epic Xmas Medley - Carol of The Imperial Bells by samuelkimmusic


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