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Welcome to episode 40 of Radio Free Endor

Wow 40 episodes in 4 years we really should do more but at least were constant every month even if we are a tad late and who had thought back then, when me and Paul started it we would still be going strong. And that all down to you, the fans

Plus we have friend of the show Mark Newbold of Fantha Tracks back to chat all about Star Wars Celebration 2019 and the podcast stage plus some Mark Hamill news with a bit of Star Trek in the mix as well.

So lets go…


00:00 RFE Intro “Absolute Power”


06:01 Welcome to episode 40

07:00 Lets have a chat with Mark Newbold

18:40 The phantom menace toys are now vintage toys

23:30 HaslabsJabba's Sail Barge The Khetanna

37:00 Disney takeover of Fox

45:55 Music: Family Guy sings “Wonderful day for Pie” Disney Stale

47:47 Disney’s The Orville is the New Star Trek with a bit of Galaxy Quest

58:39 Mark Hamill on Jimmy Kimmel

69:58 End of the Show

72:25 Who you going to call? Ghostheads UK Podcast



If you want to have a say about anything Star Wars, an idea for an intro or the podcast even a ghost story for this year’s Halloween then drop us an email or record a voicemail on your phone or pc, it can be as long as you want send them to us at

Big thank you to Mark Newbold for coming on the show

Hugs and Happiness



Mark Newbold@Prefect_Timing





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